FTTC now live!

FTTC cabinet

Our FTTC cabinet went live on 4 July and you can now order a fibre service from your ISP.

If you log into your ISP account, there should be an option to Upgrade your service. This should now list Fibre packages as well as ADSL services like the one you currently have.

If you order, you will usually be sent a VDSL wireless router to replace your existing ADSL router and given an activation date. On the appointed day you plug in the new router to a filter and it should work just like the old one but at the higher speed.

The packages list the speed you are likely to get. Near the cabinet and on good lines these are up to 70M but unfortunately it looks like parts of Failand will get quite low speeds, some less than 10M which is well below the 24M definition of superfast broadband, so there is still an issue here to resolve.

Video inside the same model of cabinet


You can now order a Fibre service from your ISP   moreBroadband in full


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