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Failand Residents Against Speeding

UPDATE 21st April 2017

In the last few weeks North Somerset Council (NSC) have provided a scheme design for a reduced speed limit and associated traffic calming measures for the village of Failand.

The Failand residents against speeding (FRAS) and Parish council have reviewed this and are now asking for another meeting with NSC. The purpose of this meeting will be to establish the best options for an implementation approach.

Unfortunately, the introduction of the South Bristol link road has had little affect in reducing traffic volume and speed through our village. This at least proves that there is still a need for a scheme to be introduced.

It is the intention of FRAS and the Parish council to jointly host a community meeting in June to explain the proposals to the residents of Failand.

We will let everybody know when this meeting will be as soon as possible.

UPDATE 7th August 2016

Failand residents and vulnerable road users have sent a clear message of support for a reduced speed limit and traffic calming measures in our village. Of 140 people asked 96% were in agreement that action was needed.

In addition, Dr Liam Fox has also pledged his support to the residents of Failand on the matter.

The Parish Council arranged a further meeting with North Somerset Council held on 25th July 2016.

At this meeting a proposal for a reduced speed limit and associated traffic calming measures was presented. North Somerset Council agreed that the village meets the criteria for a reduced speed limit.

Having gained support from our local MP, the Parish Council and North Somerset Council the Failand Residents Against Speeding team will now work with all parties to secure funding.

Thank you to all residents and vulnerable road users who signed our petition. This enabled the Parish Council to see the strength of feeling from the within village!

UPDATE 1st May 2016

Following a number of recent accidents and near misses, a group of residents have been working with the Parish Council to reduce the speed and volume of traffic in our village

What’s happened so far?

Following recent meetings, the parish council has agreed to fund:

  • A vehicle activated speed sign borrowed from North Somerset council, with an intent to buy one if successful
  • White lines painted down either side of Flax Bourton Road

Although grateful, we don’t think this is enough..................

What's our plan?

  • A petition to establish Failand residents’ support for further action
  • A meeting with our local MP to escalate our frustration
  • Request for further action from parish council:
    • A reduction in the speed limit to 30 mph for all roads in the village (with traffic calming)
    • Revised signage throughout the village to discourage airport and commuter traffic
    • Changes to improve safety of Flax Bourton road junctions with Belmont Hill and Clevedon Road
  • Residents encouraged to attend annual parish meeting, Tues. 3rd May, 7.30pm at Failand village hall

UPDATE 6th December 2015

At the last parish council meeting (10th November 2015) the requirement to review the traffic problems of Failand was discussed.

After the traffic meeting in late October, residents who attended the parish council meeting expressed relief that there seemed to be backing both at a Parish and local authority level

The Parish council advised that they are currently waiting for North Somerset Council to provide cost estimates regarding the introduction of a more suitable speed limit. Their proposals are expected to include appropriate calming measures for the entire Failand triangle.

We hope to receive an update at the Parish council meeting held at 7.30pm, Tuesday 8th December 2015 at Failand village hall.

Residents are welcome to attend.

UPDATE 30th October 2015

Thanks to all residents who attended the meeting on Friday 30th October at the village hall. The high turnout demonstrated the depth of feeling of local residents. Both Wraxall and Failand parish council and North Somerset council agreed action is required:

1. All roads through Failand should be 30mph
2. Suitable traffic calming measures are required to ensure the new limit is adhered to
3. The parish council agreed to investigate funding options

In order to re-emphasise the point residents are asked to attend the next parish council meeting. The meeting will be held at 7.30pm, Tuesday 10th November 2015 at the Cross Tree Centre, Wraxall (parking in the primary school carpark)

This is an opportunity to address the funding options and demonstrate to all members of the parish council how well supported this cause is.

Thanks & hope to see you there!

Speeding through Failand village

A number of residents are concerned about traffic speed around the village. We feel that unlike our neighbouring villages of Barrow Gurney and Portbury the traffic restrictions in Failand are inappropriate.

All 3 main roads through Failand are set at a 40 mph limit (although this is often ignored!). The justification for this seems to be that it has always been this way, but we feel it is time for this to be re-assessed. With the opening of the second terminal at Bristol Airport we have seen an increase in cars, particularly down Flax Bourton Road. Every day we see an increasing number of horse riders, ramblers, cyclists and of course pedestrians struggle with the speed and often inconsiderate nature of drivers passing through.

In the last two years there have been six road traffic accidents involving stationary vehicles being damaged by other road users. Surely it is only a matter of time before one of these incidents results in a more serious outcome?

On these pages we hope to raise awareness of our concerns and canvass support from fellow residents.

What should the speed limit be through Failand?

The guidelines for a 30mph (or less) speed limit are as follows:

1. There should be 20 or more houses
2. Residential roads should be longer than 600 metres
3. There are houses all along at least one side of the road
4. There should be on average more than 3 houses every 100 m
5. The average frontage should not be too deep
6. There would be vulnerable road users

It would be hard to argue that Failand does not meet the criteria!

With this in mind we feel 2 actions are required:

1. To campaign to reduce the speed limits through the village to at most 30mph
2. To ensure the appropriate signage & possibly traffic calming measures are in place

If you would like to support these proposals please email us including your name and address

These pages have been added by James Weelen, a concerned resident of Failand.