Our MP, Liam Fox, is joining North East Somerset MP Jacob Rees-Mogg to campaign to Leave the EU, reflecting the 60% of residents who want to do so.

UKIP got the biggest share, 32%, of the vote in the South West in the 2014 EU elections beating the Conservatives into second place on 30%. UKIP MEPs William Dartmouth and Julia Reid were elected.

The result is down to the failure of the main parties to address immigration.

Population increase from net immigration, currently 330,000 a year, is the principal threat to the Green Belt in North Somerset. Immigrants move into central Bristol and the native population moves out to the surrounding countryside. The 25,950 new houses that North Somerset are now being asked to build in the period 2006-2026 are overwhelmingly to meet this demand, the natural increase in demand from births exceeding deaths in our own population is negligible.

We cannot stop mass immigration in a borderless Europe and European politicians have made it clear they will not accept any compromise on this principle.

A LEAVE vote in the upcoming EU Referendum the only way to stop mass immigration and the resultant urban sprawl to accommodate the population increase.


The Boundary Commission has decided to keep the existing Long Ashton Ward with 2 councillors  more more