Visual puzzle: Where did the white folks go?

Mass net immigration is the key driver of housing demand in North Somerset. Immigrants move into central Bristol and the white population move out.

Net immigration at the current rate of 246,000 per year requires 107,000 new homes, 11,000 acres of land, that is 81 farms to be built over every year. Don't be surprised if it is a farm near you.

There is absolutely no reason not to have a policy of zero net immigration. 342,000 people left the UK last year, more than enough capacity to meet any skill shortage if their replacements had been selected on merit - qualifications, ability to speak English and willingness to integrate into British society.

Most of the immigrants you see in central Bristol obviously fall well below any reasonable standard of selection.

Immigrants Welcome Here? By definition, immigrants who would qualify under entry standards the majority of British people support are welcome here. By definition, the rest are not.

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