Hedges NOT Fences


While most residents maintain an attractive open or hedge frontage to their property, we have unfortunately seen the erection of ugly board fencing and walls in the village. These degrade the street scene and the environment for wildlife.

Native hedge or a low natural stone wall backed with native hedge are the only boundary treatments in character with the village. Conifer hedging is acceptable if kept neatly clipped but native hedge is better. Brick or reconstituted stone walls are out of character with the area. Board fencing is particularly ugly and should never be allowed adjacent to the road.

Erecting a fence or wall over 1m high next to a road requires planning permission and is likely to be opposed by the Parish Council and neighbours. The new Core Strategy adopted in April 2012 draws a line under any precedent set by existing bad examples. Proposals for unsuitable boundary treatments can be opposed under the following policies:


Proposals of all scales will be required to demonstrate sensitivity to the existing local character already established in an area and should take the opportunity to enhance the sense of place and local identity through a well thought out design. Where the existing design characteristics are not considered of a high quality, new development should actively aim to enhance the area through good design.


The character, distinctiveness, diversity and quality of North Somerset's landscape and townscape will be protected and enhanced by the careful, sensitive management and design of development. Close regard will be paid to the character of National Character Areas in North Somerset and particularly that of the 11 landscape types and 31 landscape character areas identified in the North Somerset Landscape Character Assessment.

The Landscape Strategy for Failand Settled Limestone Plateau (area G2 in the Landscape Character SPD) is to conserve the wooded, rural character of the area.


Proposals for development within the rural areas outside the Service Villages will be strictly controlled in order to protect their character and prevent unsustainable development.

Removal of hedges is detrimental to the character of a rural village and unsustainable ie you cannot keep doing it without progressive degradation of the environment.

hedges walls
Belmont Drive before and after destruction of hedges.


You may have an ugly frontage that was erected by a previous owner. Do the community a favour by replacing it with native hedge. If you have a low wall, plant a hedge behind it. Remove ugly board fencing and plant a hedge instead.