Gigaclear have been awarded the contract to rollout FTTP in Failand and Lower Failand providing speeds of up to 1000Mbps.

This will principally be of interest to residents in Failand who have slower FTTC speeds and those in Lower Failand where FTTC is not available.

Run your postcode through the Gigaclear checker.

Prices range from £41/month for 50Mbps to £76/month for 1000Mbps. Unlike FTTC, speed does not depend on distance from the cabinet.

The service should be available within 3 years.

Slide show of rollout process. A new cabinet will be installed on the verge near the Failand Inn and fibre run from there to your home.

Installation to your home (pdf) involves a trench from the road to your house, then internal wiring to your router location.

A disadvantage is that you are tied to this one ISP whereas with FTTC you can choose.