ADSL2+ (up to 17Mb) is now the standard ADSL offering. Speeds in Failand vary from 5Mbps down to 1Mbps depending on line distance from the Long Ashton Exchange which is about 4km at the traffic lights up to 6km furthest away.

Good choices of ISP for speed, reliably and customer services are Zen, Andrews & Arnold (AAISP) and IDNet. Click here to open a new tab where you can compare ISPs. The better providers like those listed have contract terms of 1 month, others trap you into a 1 year contract, so check the contract term before signing up.

Numbers 01275 39**** in the Failand triange area are on the Long Ashton exchange. Numbers 01275 37**** in Lower Failand are on the Pill exchange which is actually located towards Abbots Leigh. A few properties with numbers 01275 85**** in the Charlton Drive area are on the Nailsea exchange.

You can tell if you have ADSL2+ from the status page of your router. It will say "G.DMT" if the line is ADSL but ADSL2 if it is ADSL2+.

Migration to ADSL2+ from ADSL is only recommended if you have a connection speed of at least 6M, so would not be in Failand.